First Festival Edition

From 10 September 2024

Until 15 September 2024

About the Festival

The Moonlight Online International Film Festival is organized and administered by the Swedish Creation, Production and Distribution company Dorobantu Film & Television.

Swedish Film-maker (producer, writer, director, photographer, editor) Gabriel Daniel Dorobantu is the President and the Artistic Director of the Moonlight Online International Film Festival.

He has run the Swedish creation, production and distribution company Dorobantu Film & Television since year 2005.

His festival statement:

“I have taken the initiative of starting this online film festival organized and administered by our company, with the goal of promoting original cinema of true artistic quality and supporting independent cinema worldwide – since, in my view, more festivals are needed which actually pay attention to individual film values rather than to film trends (as I believe that only or mainly focusing on film trends increases the risk of repetition – implicitly leading to stagnation, instead of stimulating creative progress in today’s world cinema).”

Irina Tolokolnikova – who has been Dorobantu Film & Television’s film sales, promotion and distribution manager since year 2016 – is the Head Manager of the Moonlight Online International Film Festival.